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Here are some examples that give you a sense of how Hayley looks at tech coverage:

Mattel has canceled plans for a kid-focused AI device that drew privacy concerns - One of the most fascinating issues right now is looking at how technology firm's ambitions are outrunning consumers' abilities to keep up, and also government's ability to make thoughtful regulation. This was an instance where those three elements came together.

What you’re really agreeing to when you accept your smart TV’s privacy policy - Tech is confusing, terms of service documents are obtuse and companies — intentionally or not — tend to slide a lot of things, particularly about data collection, past their consumers. Talking to privacy experts here allowed us to help normal people interpret what's in those policies, and let us play around with a new story form online.  

Twitter blocked a congresswoman’s antiabortion ad over ‘baby body parts.’ But it allowed an identical tweet. Product companies are far from the only ones grappling with questions about how they fit into the world. Watching Twitter (and Facebook. And Google) grapple with questions of how to responsibly fulfill the mission of being the world's town square has been fascinating, and trying to explaining it has been both frustrating and gratifying.

Your MP3s are going to be just fine - Then again, I'm not all about scaring the living daylights out people. Sometimes I like to puncture rumors,  quell panic or set the record straight — to the best of my ability, anyway.

There were a lot of pieces going around about the "death of the MP3" at the time this was published. That prompted a corresponding flood of emails to me from folks worried their music libraries were going to disappear overnight and this piece to address those concerns. Also, it let me put my history hat on for a bit.

This dark side of the Internet is costing young people their jobs and social lives - The idea for this story about Internet addiction came from a much shorter piece on how to unplug. I write — a lot — about the latest features, specs and business news from the tech industry, but what I loved about this was a chance to look at how those products really affect people's lives. Even though the men I met for this story have more extreme stories than most, their experiences resonated with many.

(Including me. After this, I started putting my smartphones in a different room while I sleep.)